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12 Jul 2017

The Stress Busting Properties of Plants


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Posted By Cornelius J.

Eradicating stress from your life is easy when you know how and everyone can benefit from feeling a little more at peace with the world. And you can use plants and flowers as just one of many ways to banish the stresses that come with everyday life.

Recent research carried out in the USA, Netherlands and United Kingdom shows a connection between a person's psychological well-being and the presence of plants, particularly how plants can effectively reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. The research revealed that adding plants to a windowless workplace helped to improve productivity whilst also achieving lower stress levels amongst employees.

Introducing plants into your workspace and home can therefore be an easy but effective means of stress relief. What's more, plants can be purchased at a very low cost so this stress-busting plan does not require a lot of cash to carry out. Plants are low maintenance as well as low cost, so it doesn't take a lot of time or effort to keep them in tip-top condition. In fact, most plants you purchase come with watering and feeding directions which are easy to follow, whilst you can choose from different varieties to suit the climate and environment they will be growing in.

It has also been found that the aroma of different plants and flowers have a profound effect on stress levels and are capable of helping to reduce heart rate, stress levels and improve breathing. One of the most popular stress-relieving aromas is lavender, which can easily be grown indoors and used in various ways to sooth the senses.

Aromatherapy is just another way of using plant and flower aromas to brighten your mood and soothe your nerves. Citrus oils, like Mandarin or Neroli, are good choices if you want to decrease your stress levels - you can simply add a couple of drops to a handkerchief or tissue and inhale.

There are certain types of plants you can grow and use as a food source to improve health by reducing stress and aiding relaxation. Tomato plants can be easily grown on a windowsill, desk or literally anywhere that gets the sunshine. Lettuce is another easy to grow food source, as are herbs which not only release great aromas but can also be used in lunchtime salads or even simply to make cups of fresh mint tea, for example.

If you are thinking of buying some plants or flowers to brighten up your home, office or both but don't know where to start, then getting in touch with your local florists may prove a good starting point.


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